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Dallas psychotherapist Dr. Tedi Koehn helps adolescent girls and adult women increase their self worth, deepen their relationships, and reduce their struggles with anxiety disorders, grief and depression.

With a passion for empowering women, Dr. Koehn treats women by helping them identify the root causes of their emotional problems, and to implement solutions that will enhance their daily lives.

While anxiety disorders, grief, and depression can seem like insurmountable obstacles, there is hope. Based in Dallas, psychotherapist Dr. Tedi Koehn has helped numerous adolescents and adult women overcome serious issues such as anxiety disorders, depression, divorce, menopause, body cutting, and grief.

Success Story

Dear Dr. Tedi,
I loved being able to let so many feelings flow.  I am so grateful for witnesses to my story and to witness others’ journeys.  It freed up my relationship with Mom so I can be more present with her and Dad.  At the time I did not know that I would need all those skills so soon to deal with the transition of beloved Lee but I was better able to feel fully the grief and remember his love.  Thank you for bringing this learning to me. 


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