Fees & Policies

Therapy Sessions/Consultations

Fee for Service:
Sessions are 50 minutes long and the fee is $175.00. For treatment of minors, there is an initial 90 minute consultation with parents for $275.00. Clients pay me directly at the end of each session for all therapeutic services. Cash or checks are accepted at this time. I will provide a statement showing dates of visits, charges, and payments. I can provide some assistance in dealing with your insurance company, but cannot accept the responsibility of negotiating settlement on a disputed claim.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield:
The initial consultation is 60 minutes in length, and subsequent sessions are 53 minutes long. For treatment of minors, there is an initial 90 minute consultation with parents. Because BCBS provisions for Deductibles, Co-Pays and Co-Insurance percentages vary from policy to policy, we can discuss your individual arrangements in person. 

General Policies

Missed Appointments:
Under most circumstances, missed appointments will be charged in full. Exceptions will be made in the event of illness or weather that is severe enough to close the Dallas Independent School District.

Late Cancellations:
Appointment cancellations must be made at least twenty four hours in advance to avoid a charge to your account. There are reasons why this policy is strictly followed: 1) regular appointments are necessary for therapy to be effective; 2) this notice gives others who may want your time slot the ability to rearrange their schedule.

Telephone calls:
Charges will be made for telephone consultations greater than five (5) minutes in duration. This includes consultation with patients, parents, teachers, and other professionals. The fee for these services will be prorated based upon the fee structure outline above.


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